Swimming Pool Tile Installation


Due to the current restrictions we aren't running any in-person events at the moment. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of our online events: facebook.com/transactive

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Trans Active aims to help the trans community in and around Sheffield socialise and improve their fitness and mental wellbeing through sport in a safe, relaxed environment.

Our activities are open to all trans and non-binary people, including those questioning their gender identity.



We'll be doing things a little differently due to COVID-19 - find out what safety measures we've put in place for our swimming sessions here:

Aerial View of a Pool


Our swimming sessions are open to any trans/non-binary/gender-questioning people of all fitness levels. There's a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure to push yourself more than you want to, our focus is on meeting new people and having fun.

We have private use of the pool area and there are individual changing cubicles as well as communal gendered changing rooms and showers. The lifeguards have been trained to be sensitive to trans people’s needs. You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable as long as it's safe to swim in.


We will be monitoring the Covid-19 situation and assessing what other activities besides swimming we can run safely.

We've done lots of different things in the past, such as bouldering, canoeing, basketball, trampolining, badminton, archery, cycling and walking.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates!



You will now need to book a place to attend our activities.
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Facebook: TransActive  

Email: transactive2014@gmail.com

Phone: 07713899577